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Client Projects

Aligning Strategic Objectives with Resource Allocation

Effective resource management begins when you have a clear and clean picture of how your people are being allocated to projects. Then, in order to ensure your people are spending their time on the right initiatives for organizational growth, you need to tie your people and projects to your overall company objectives in a singular view. 

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Simple Project Management Templates for PMOs

Ensuring your project management team is speaking the same language and reporting on the most important key metrics across your project portfolio begins with a suite of project management templates that can be created with the click of a button. Automations, workflows, and formulas in Smartsheet limit the administrative bloat for your project management team.

Complex Skill Matching and Resourcing for Engineers

Understanding who is the best resource for a new project becomes challenging with a team of over 300 different engineers with varying skill sets. Resource Management by Smartsheet allowed PPPL to build a database and simple resourcing view that mapped resource needs to the right people through the use of custom tagging.

A Portfolio Dashboard for Program Management

Eventually, your organization will outgrow the ability to use Excel or Google Sheets to manage your project portfolio. The administrative, robotic work that goes into updating disparate spreadsheets and cells is time that could be better spent accomplishing the work of the project. A dynamic, evergreen project management suite in Smartsheet gives your team the time back to focus on the work.

A Grant Dashboard for Increased Visibility

CCSEM reached a point where their Excel sheets and Word documents were no longer giving the visibility needed to keep track of their grant approval process. There were too many redundant questions being asked, and the CCSEM team was looking for a single source of truth that would offer their team a single source of accountability. A Smartsheet dashboard that connected grant information through unique IDs and forms was the exact solution they needed to scale their operations.


A Project Management Suite for First Time Users

Implementing a project management system for the first time can be a daunting task. There are multiple stakeholder perspectives to consider, a long list of requirements, and users that will need hands-on training. A careful approach that begins with considering user needs agnostic of the project management technology, however, can help make stakeholders feel more comfortable with building a practical solution.

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