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The Challenge

First-time Smartsheet users at Celestica needed direct support in creating project management templates, workflows, and automation for their project teams. The Celestica project leads wanted to uphold the integrity of the project management templates they were using in their old project management system, but enhance their value by utilizing the low-code functionality of Smartsheet.

Automate templates, eliminate the robotic work — that was the challenge.

The Solution

First, the Celestica project leads provided me with the project management templates they were using in their old project management tool for me to review and enhance. I started with their RACI template, identifying that their "Severity // Likliehood" matrix could be automated with the use of a complex IFAND formula. Figure 1 showcases how the formula works in action, using logic to determine the rating of the risk.

Figure 1

Formula-based Risk Matrix

Next, Smartsheet is able to help reduce the administrative bloat of entering data into cells by the use of intake forms and custom alerts. Figure 2 showcases the form I built to process change requests for projects. Anyone, regardless if they have a Smartsheet license or not, can use this form to input a change request. This link is also embedded in the overall project dashboard for easy access for the team. Finally, Figure 3 shows the custom alert I set up to ping the project leads when a new change request comes through that needs their direct approval, the Figure also shows a past-due alert for when change requests have not been closed.

Figure 2

Change Management Intake Form

Figure 3

Alerts and Notifications for Change Requests

Figure 4

RACI models bring structure and clarity to describing the roles that stakeholders play within a project. The RACI matrix clarifies responsibilities and ensures that everything the project needs done is assigned someone to do it. I was able to take the Celestica RACI template and create a summarized legend at the top of the sheet with explanations for each of the key roles within the RACI. All the cells within the sheet are dynamically formatted for easy consumption.

Conditionally Formatted RACI 

Finally, dashboards can help teams anticipate roadblocks, and adapt quickly and efficiently to achieve their goals. The evergreen, dynamic dashboard is the bread-and-butter of Smartsheet's capabilities. With the way I was able to build the reports and sheets within Celestica's environment, all the data that pulls into the dashboard updates in real-time. This helps the Celestica project teams gain real-time visibility, drive alignment, and take immediate action.

Figure 5

The Overall Project Dashboard

Other Case Studies

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